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Our Moral Agenda: Ending Predatory Lending
On Feb 20 dozens of clergy and faith leaders from across the state will come together in our state Capitol to declare our moral agenda: raising the age of those tried in our adult justice system to 18, supporting a moral budget, and capping interest rates on payday loans.
For years we have called for action from our legislature on predatory lending. Last year Speaker Todd Richardson committed to Faith Voices and Greene County Baptist pastors to assign our bill to committee and did. This year, we are over five weeks into session and instead of assigning the same bill to committee, the House has formed a committee to study the issue of short-term loans.
As people of faith we witness firsthand the devastation these products bear on our communities. Charging an average of 455% these predatory lenders drain over $300,000,000 from our state every year. 90% of the payday industry’s profits come from trapped borrowers. Families pay fees upon fees upon fees, lining the pockets of predatory lenders in exchange for what was advertised as a quick fix. In reality, it is a stepping stone toward bankruptcy. We do not need to study this issue. We need action on this moral issue.
Can you support our moral agenda and call Speaker Richardson today and ask him to assign HB1541 to committee?
Call: 573-751-4039
Share where you live

Explain why you are concerned about predatory lending.
Ask that he assign HB1541 to committee and get a hearing scheduled. Our communities cannot wait.
Want to join us in the Capitol tomorrow? You can still sign-up until 5:00 PM tonight.

As part of the Ferguson Report response, the JUJ Opportunity to Thrive Task Force is working in coalition to reduce predatory lending.
Missouri Faith Voices, one of the groups we hope to work with on these topics, is having legislative visits and a press conference in Jefferson City on February 20 to support these efforts.
If you will be there for another reason or if you can attend please let JUJ know at info@jujstl.org and also let Missouri Faith Voices know by replying below.

JUJ Opportunity to Thrive
Missouri Faith Voices Capitol Witness
"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy - Proverbs 31:8-9
On Tuesday, February 20th, we will convene in solidarity with Missourians in our State Capitol for the purpose of lifting up the needs of the people to elected officials.
As people of faith, we must not only pray for our leaders, we much also bring a prophetic voice to the issues that impact the lives of all citizens which includes the most vulnerable among us. Do you agree? Join us February 20th. Register here today.
Missouri Faith Voices Capitol Witness Day
Tuesday, February 20th
10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Jefferson City, MO
We mourn the passing of Adina Chaya Talve-Goodman
Memorial Contributions may be made in Adina's honor to:
The Adina Fund for Early Childhood Education
Central Reform Congregation
5020 Waterman Boulevard,
St. Louis, MO 63108
We remember fondly, Sister Ebo,
Three great articles about Sister Antona Ebo
Gloria Ross' Obit on NPR
Article in St. Louis Review
Philip Deitch for the Missouri History Museum event
A video from Sister Ebo's 90th birtthday can be found here

JUJ honored her in 2006 - together with our dear Rabbi Bernie Lipnick (z'l').
Sister Antona Ebo was very special. Pictures from the 2006 Heschel-King Celebrations where Sister Ebo was honored can be found here
Don't Miss an important meeting about Prop P in Unversity City November 15 Here are all the details!

Oct 25: Police Community Advocacy Training

Yom Kippur
In response to our recruiting efforts Central Reform Congregation kindly invited us to conduct a session during Yom Kippur afternoon. It was very successful for many reasons. After a welcome we let people talk about their ideas for a few minutes;
Then Richard Gavatin distributed and discussed the Haftorah portion for the day that calls for social justice advocacy. You can read it here
Each of the four task force leaders gave a short description of their goals and work and then for the rest of the session we invited people to go to the task force(s) of their choice and visit and sign up.
Over 70 people participated and we are looking forward to seeing them all active in the future.

Read about JUJ in the Jewish Light (April 2017)

From the devastation at a Jewish Cemetary

On June 4: a Jewish Leadership Training for: Resistance, Organizing, Action and Resilience - ROAR.
More information

Richard Teitelman in Memoriam

Forward Through Ferguson

JUJ formed four Task Forces
as a result of the Ferguson Commission report:

* Diversity Education and Training
* Youth at the Center
* Opportunity to Thrive/Payday Lending Task Force
* Justice for All

Read about our Task Forces

Welcome to join them.
For General Questions, please Send us an email

Opportunity to Thrive
Contact Susan Roth

Diversity Training and Education
Contact Philip Roth

Youth at the Center
Renee Marver

Justice for All
Contact Ben Senturia

Jews United for Justice (JUJ), along with the JCRC and NCJW convened a TOWN HALL meeting on September 27th (2016) at Hillel
Highlights from the July 18 (2016)Town Hall


JUJ - Jews United for Justice
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