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Heschel’s 50th Yohrzeit: Honoring, Learning, Acting

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A 2021 report by the American Jewish Committee revealed that 1 in 4 Jewish Americans experienced antisemitism over the past year. Antisemitism in the workplace can have a devastating impact on Jewish people and their careers. Our Jewish employment guide provides candidates with the leading job boards available for Jewish job seekers, examples of companies with strong Jewish values, and information about religious accommodation and discrimination protection. You can view The Jewish Employment Guide here Here at ResumeBuilder.com, we believe that building the perfect resume should be simple. With your help, we can create awareness about tools and resources that can help readers take control of their careers. For more information, please contact Bernadette Adams Outreach and Communications Coordinator ResumeBuilder.com

  A new JUJ Initiative:
The Jewish philosopher, Maimonides,

whose grave is pictured here,
taught that,

“The highest form of charity is to step in

with help to prevent a person from becoming poor”.

 Data shows us that for individuals working at the current minimum wage ($7.35/hour in Missouri) and living below the Federal Poverty Line ($16,460/year for a family of two):

· 55% work full time;

· 56% are women; and

· 36% are age 40 or older.

 For purposes of this discussion, it is important to distinguish between the minimum wage, poverty wages and a living wage. The minimum wage is set by Federal or State law. The poverty wage is the amount needed to achieve a Federal Poverty Level income. The Living Wage is the amount required to reach an identified minimum standard of living.

 We are proposing that Jews United for Justice shall collect data on the extent to which hourly wages of employees in Jewish communal agencies, organizations and congregations fall at or below the Federal Poverty Line. Should the collected data indicate that there are staff paid at the level of poverty wages, JUJ will develop a program to educate the Jewish community on this issue and advocate, as appropriate, for an increase to raise wages beyond the poverty level towards a Living Wage in keeping with Jewish ethics and values.

 If you would be interested in working on this initiative, please contact Louis Albert at

Raise Up Missouri! 


Raise Up Missouri. Fight for Minimum Wage increase. More here!

Great Victory on August 7

Prop A fell - as it should have!

This link will take you to the

"Vote No on Prop A " site

Faith Leader Call to Action on Prop A- An Unjust Law

In Isaiah 10: 1-4 (NIV), the Prophet Isaiah declares,

“Woe to those who make unjust laws..."

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