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Jews United for Justice - St. Louis

is dedicated to working in coalition with partners and allies for the goals of economic, social and racial justice in the St. Louis metropolitan area

JUJ - A Progressive Voice in the Jewish Commumnity - A Jewish Voice in the Progressive Community


Recent Events:

 Oct 25: Police Community Advocacy Training

Oct 24:
The Financial Diaries: How American Families Cope in a World of Uncertainty

In response to our recruiting efforts Central Reform Congregation kindly invited us to conduct a session during Yom Kippur afternoon. It was very successful for many reasons. After a welcome we let people talk about their ideas for a few minutes; 

Then Richard Gavatin distributed and discussed the Haftorah portion for the day that calls for social justice advocacy. You can read it here
Each of the four task force leaders gave a short description of their goals and work and then for the rest of the session we invited people to go to the task force(s) of their choice and visit and sign up.

Over 70 people participated and we are looking forward to seeing them all active in the future.

Read about JUJ in the Jewish Light (April 2017)

From the devastation at a Jewish Cemetary

On June 4: a Jewish Leadership Training for: Resistance, Organizing, Action and Resilience - ROAR.
More information

Richard Teitelman in Memoriam

Forward Through Ferguson

JUJ formed four Task Forces
as a result of the Ferguson Commission report:

* Diversity Education and Training

* Youth at the Center

* Opportunity to Thrive/Payday Lending Task Force

* Justice for All

Welcome to join them.

For General Questions, please Send us an email by clicking here


Opportunity to Thrive 

Contact Susan Roth

Diversity Training and Education

Contact Philip Roth 

Youth at the Center

Contact Lou Albert 

Justice for All

Contact Ben Senturia 

Jews United for Justice (JUJ), along with the JCRC and NCJW convened a TOWN HALL meeting 
on September 27th (2016) at Hillel   

Highlights from the July 18 (2016)Town Hall