Heschel-King Events   2006 - 2012
Please enjoy pictures from these incredible 7 events
Celebration of Abraham Joshua Heschel and Martin Luther King, Jr.

2012 Awardees:  Eugene Redmond and Howard Schwartz

A letter from Missouri History Museum .

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2011 Awardees: Judges Rick Teitelman (z' l') and Ronnie White

Heschel/King Event 2011

Expanded slideshow from the 2011 Heschel/King Event: May 15, 2011

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One hundred people gathered at the Legal Services of Eastern Missouri building on Forest Park Avenue to honor this year's recipients of the Heschel/King Award. 

A Story of Rick Teitleman and Ronnie White as told by Jim Stone Goodman

2010 Awardees:  Donald Suggs and Bob Cohn
Dr. Donald Suggs of The St. Louis American
Mr. Bob Cohn of The Jewish Light
were the recipients of the 2010 Heschel/King Award -  
A story of Donald Suggs and Bob Cohn as told by Jim Stone Goodman

2009   Awardees:  Georgia Rusan and Sam Bernstein

The Fifth Annual Heschel-King Award Celebration

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A Story of Georgia Rusan and Sam Bernstein as told by Jim Stone Goodman

2008 Awardees:  Henry Givens and Bill Kahn (z'l')

Pictures from the Fourth Annual Heschel-King Celebration 
Please enjoy them!

A Story of Henry Givens and Bill Kahn (z'l) as told by Jim Stone Goodman

2007 Awardees:  Norman Seay and Rabbi Jerome Grollman (z' l')

The Third Annual JUJ Heschel-King Celebration.   

2006 Awardees:  Rabbi Bernie Lipnick (z' l') and  Sister Anotona Ebo, FSM

Heschel/King Event on Jan 7, 2006 

A Huge Success See the wrap up and the pictures here  

JUJ - Jews United for Justice
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