"A coalition of groups supporting Transgender causes:
PROMO, our Missouri state wide LGBTQ group, organized a rally protesting the negative laws seriously impacting our Transgender community, our families and medical professionals. The STL LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce was a coalition partner. We stand united.
March 29, 2023

Maharat Rori Picker Neiss,
Executive Director JCRC among many speakers.
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The Abortion Issue

So much more on the line than just abortion!

    There is so much going on now, in our fight to preserve reproductive rights..
The decision by the Supreme Court is so much wider than just about abortion. 
Women's health, women's employment opportunities, financial effects and so much more
Join JU to continue this vital fight.

Half of us are women - all of use are affected!

NCJW's partners for reproductive rights are Center for Reproductive Rights and Physicians for Reproductive Health. 

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Abortion access is a Jewish value, plain and simple.  

For too long, the American narrative about religion and abortion has ignored Jewish voices — and it’s past time for that to end. Join the Jewish movement to make it clear that Jews support reproductive freedom.

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