Senator Jill Schupp

Good Evening & 
Thank yous to:

  • Philip Deitch and Jews United for Justice/Jewish through Ferguson Chair for asking me to present tonight, and for convening a meeting with various social justice and civil rights groups to help frame how I would speak to you tonight:

    ACLU: Mustafa Abdullah
    NCJW St. Louis Section and JUJ:
    Ellen Alper
    MCU Susan Sneed
    JUJ Ben Senturia
    Empower MO Lauren Gerstman
    Susan Roth NAMI/ Payday Lending

    Before I go into the types of bills discussed, let me give you a general sense of the Missouri legislature, where it is and where it is headed
    -non partisan:
    Democrat: Social Justice and Fairness
    *  Lacking balance
    *  Supermajority (not reflected statewide) 
    *  Extreme conservatives…”out flank each other to the right    
    *  Term limits and short term views
    *  Unlimited money in politics (winners and losers chosen)
    *  Framework not conducive to long term thinking holistic approach
    *  As a body, we continue to kick those who are down..especially the poor, minorities
    Legislative ideas and bills we discussed at our meeting

    -Fair and Impartial policing

    **Bills that passed (see Empower MO handout)
    Bad bills: Photo ID…on the ballot, vote no…this currently not bad bill will get bad before 2020
    Traffic Violations

    Other organizations working to solve problems, some “one starfish at a time.”

    *Fit and fitness…Joy Millner
  • *Holocaust Education…Dee Dee and Eliot Simon

    Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). 
    -the 30 articles adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948 as a direct result of the Holocaust that describe:
     the “inherent dignity and rights of the human person” which is the “foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world” (UDHR, preamble). These are the rights and responsibilities we all share as human beings.
    *Home Works! Karen Kalish
    *Israel: General Consulate: PTSD

    Here is what informs my beliefs: My Jewish values:
    -Racial division and discrimination exist
    -Housing has to be part of the mix…
    -Poverty is insurmountable without intervention
    -Our next generation cannot wait…education is a problem in impoverished areas and solutions are critical and there is no time to waste
    -Hopefulness and opportunity can and should be accessible to all
    -Access to healthcare, including dental and mental, is critical.  

    Bill I have/am filing and working on: 

    Payday and installment lending reform
    Minimum wage 
    Trauma Informed care/PTSD in communities
    Firearm legislation
    Women’s access to choice (SCOTUS Texas decision)
       Eliminate ambulatory surgical center requirements
       Eliminate doctor admitting privileges within 30 miles
       Eliminate 72 hour waiting period
       Safety in Unlicensed Childcare facilities

  •  Democratic platform (I am the co-author)

    1. SB 653: Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (Keaveny) 

    2. SB 952: Equal Pay for Equal Work (Walsh) 

    3. SB 953: Minimum Wage (Schupp)

    4. SB 955: Lobbyist Gift Ban (Sifton)

    5. SB 958: Farm-To-Table (Holsman)

    6. SB 961: Medicaid Expansion (Nasheed)

    7. SB 962: Body Cameras (Curls) 

    8. SJR 37: Constitutional Amendment to Fully Fund the Formula (Chappelle-Nadal)

    A summary of bills:

    S-582 bills and 27 joint resolutions

    H-1015 bills and 58 joint resolutions

    Total HB’s and SB’s TAFP (includes budget) – 144

    Total HB’s and SB’s TAFP (without budget) – 126

    Total Bills allowed to become law without signature - 3


    Total HB’s and SB’s Vetoed: 22 (includes 2 budget bills that were vetoed in-part)

    Total Veto Overrides: 2


    To read more about Ferguson in the MO legislature and the Governor's Action on Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed Bills,  click here


    Voting matters…Hold legislators accountable. Ask in advance about the issues you care about…and as specifically as possible.  

    Thank you for the opportunity.  

    Jill Schupp, Senator

JUJ - Jews United for Justice
Attn. Ellen Alper, Treasurer
Email Ellen here 

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