Ellen Alper, NCJW St. Louis
Protect YOUR Right to Vote

What is Voter Photo ID?
In 2016, the Missouri Legislature passed a bill which would require voters to present a government-issued photo ID. In November, you will be voting on whether or not this will become law. 
Why is Voter Photo ID Bad for You?
 • MO already requires ID to vote. However, current forms such as student and military IDs, voter registration cards, and bills will be invalid.
• It fixes a non-existent problem. There are no known cases of voter fraud in Missouri. • It will cost Missouri millions of dollars.
• Over 200,000 registered voters will have difficulty casting a ballot.
• It can be very difficult to obtain a government form of ID for many women, minorities, and the elderly.
What Can You Do?
1. Vote NO on voter photo ID this November!
2. To learn more, visit:   http://www.advancementproject.org 

More info here:
Advancement Project
(314) 780-1833 
Constitutional Amendment  6    ---  Read all about it here

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